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Am I a bother to God?

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Bible verse graphics of Matthew 19:13-14

At this, some of Jesus’ followers brought their children before Jesus; they wanted Him to place His hands on the children and pray for them. Some of the disciples, mistakenly thinking that Jesus wouldn’t want to be bothered with the likes of children, began to rebuke the crowd. 

Jesus: Let the little children come to Me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these. Matthew 19:13-14 (VOICE)

Sometimes I feel like I’m bothering people.

I try to mold myself into the furniture of the room so people won’t notice me, so I can disappear, and not bother the people there. 

Occasionally I feel the same way with Jesus. I feel like I’m bothering him with small things.

Instead of opening my mouth and telling him how I feel, I keep quiet. I try not to disturb the God-of-angel armies with my little fears, worries, and doubts. 

Often I act like Jesus’ disciples, assuming that Jesus doesn’t want to bothered with small things, let alone my small things. 

Sometimes I need to be reminded of the words Jesus spoke when the disciples acted like he was too important to be bothered. 

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these.”

In essence Jesus tells me, “Bring your small things to me, do not hold them back. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who trust me with their small things.”

So I’m trying to learn to do that, to not hold my small things back from Jesus, to not think that he’s too important to bothered with all the tiny things that concern me. 

I want to give all of me to Jesus, so why do I keep these small things to myself?

I am not a bother to Jesus. My worries, fears and doubts are not a bother to him. (tweet this)

I am learning to hear Jesus’ gentle voice saying, “Come, come to me and tell me about the small things.”

Ponder: What small things are going on in your life that you don’t want to bother Jesus with? Why not tell him about them now. 

Prayer: Thank you Jesus that you care about the small things in my life. Help me to hear your voice saying, “Come, come to me and tell me about the small things.” Amen.

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