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April 18

Nashville getting more bike friendly.  A new ordinance has been approved by the Metro Council that requires any new building or a large addition to an existing one include parking for bicycles.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is taking applications for its youth and junior trooper academy.  Kids are taught trooper values and also participate in team building exercises and physical fitness.  It’s late June for grades 9-12 and mid July for 6th through 8th graders.  More info at

Is there a preference when it comes to all that candy that is rolled out at Easter?  Chocolate is the favorite whether it comes in the form of an egg or a bunny.  That bunny who works for Cadbury always steers us to those eggs, and not to be forgotten is the Easter classic, the Peep.

There’s lots of Easter family fun this weekend with 94 FM the Fish

At the Donelson Fellowship FREE Egg hunt Saturday morning at 10:30 at Two Rivers Park

At the free Nashville Family Block Party with Fish artist 7th Time Down and Doug from the Family Friendly morning show starting Saturday morning at 11 on Broadmore drive across from Maplewood High School with First Apostolic Church

At the free egg hunts at Lane Agri Park in Murfreesboro with North Boulevard Church of Christ Saturday afternoon beginning at 130

And the dramatic presentation of the The Thorn  a   theatrical portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ...with performances at Cornerstone Church in Madison throughout the weekend.


Happy Easter! 

April 17

Early voting is now underway for the May 6th Primary.  It will continue through May 1st.  Just remember you will need that photo ID to cast your ballot.

At the big state house, the Senate voted unanimously to have school students recite the “Salute to the Flag of Tennessee” after the Pledge of Allegiance.  Now we’ll see how the house feels on the matter.

Starting next year, your cellphone will come with a kill switch.  The switch would allow your wireless provider to send a signal to a stolen phone making it useless to anyone who steals it.

When we were young, being a “mathematician” was probably not something we considered for a career.  In the opinion of CareerCast that is this year’s best job.  Tenured professor ranked second.  Being a lumberjack or a newspaper reporter are at the bottom end of the scale.

Both the House and Senate have approved Governor Haslam’s “Tennessee Promise”.  The legislation would cover tuition at two-year colleges for any Tennessee High School graduate.  The goal is to up the state’s graduation rate and all that is left is for the Governor to sign off on it.

Metro Schools are extending their pre-K enrollment period.  Parents you now have until next Monday to apply at the school you want your child to attend.  Status notices will go out in May.

Easter weekend is just about here and on Saturday morning, plan on bringing the kids to the Donelson Fellowship Egg Hunt at 2 Rivers Park.  At the free event there will be all kinds of fun activities for the kids including the search for those treat filled eggs to help fill their baskets.

April 16

Our colder weather should be giving you a brief break from the allergy related sneezing.  But they will be back.  You will have a new weapon to tackle some of those.  The FDA has just approved “Grastek” a drug that specifically targets grass allergies.  Should be on shelves by the end of the month.

You don’t get it if you don’t ask.  The seniors at Hillwood High will back that up.  They sent a video to NBC’s Brian Williams asking him to speak at their graduation next month.  Earlier this week he said yes and will join the kids at their May 22nd commencement at Lipscomb.

There may have been a time or two when we’ve dropped the kids off at school without totally being together for the day.  School board member in Florida thinks since the kids have a dress code, the parents should as well.   Saying parents showing up in curlers, pj’s and saggy pants are not setting the best example for their kids’ dress code.  There has not been a lot of parental agreement with that one.

Some new sites in the state have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The State Supreme Court Building in Nashville, the Grand Guitar in Bristol and the Blountville Historic District have been added along with the Mead and Ross Marble Quarries in Knox County and the Martin-Dobyns House in Kingsport.

The battle for your fast food breakfast dollars continues.  Now that Taco Bell has rolled out their morning menu featuring the Waffle Taco, McDonalds has decided to bring one breakfast item back from its past.  The McGriddle will be back for round two.

The Ford Mustang turns 50 tomorrow.  When it was launched on April 17th of 1964 is caught the eye of many.  More than 418 thousand pony cars sold in the first year.  There are 300 Mustang Clubs around the world, 60 outside the U.S. where the car hasn’t been sold.  That changes with the 2015 Mustang that will be launched globally.

April 15

Beef prices are the highest they’ve been in 27 years.  The drought is one reason for the increase and that has brought about smaller herds.  Also demand for red meat in Japan, Hong Kong, and Mexico has increased our beef exports.  More people buying chicken and pork now and with the high demand, those prices have also shot up.

Time to make sure the pets and plants are taken care of.  Even though it is spring we could get temperatures that tip into the 20’s overnight tonight.

The latest from Facebook has nothing to do with your privacy, and everything to do with money.  They are currently working on an e-money service allowing users to send it via the site.  Talking over a few partnerships with companies that already offer international transfers.

No doubt you’ve noticed the spike in gas prices.  We’re paying about 14 cents more per gallon than we did this time last year.  Lower supplies and rising demand expected to keep prices heading north.  Nationwide they’ve risen for 21 straight days.

Do kids need to have their cholesterol checked?  The latest info released by the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids should have routine cholesterol screenings between the ages of 9 and 11 and again between 17 and 21.

Windows XP support ended last week, but the IRS apparently still has over 50 thousand computers that still need to be upgraded to Windows 7, and these are the machines that process tax returns.  So, the IRS will pay Microsoft 11 million dollars to still get that support for XP.

April 14

Update on the ‘Heartbleed’ bug and is giving computer hackers a shot at stealing personal information.  Some new security updates have been released while others are still working on some.  To keep your info from being stolen the advice is create stronger passwords and use a different one for every site.

If you are up late or really early on Tuesday morning you will get to see a full lunar eclipse.  The peak time will be 2:45 tomorrow morning when the moon will turn a red color.  Just look off into the southwestern sky to sneak a peek.

Gone are the days of dashing off to the post office on April 15th to get the postmark on our tax returns before the midnight deadline.  Since most of us efile our returns the post office will be shutting down most locations are their normal times.

Tax deadline is midnight tomorrow night.  Budget cuts at the IRS have resulted in millions of calls that have gone unanswered.  Last year, less than 1% of individual returns were audited and with those cuts that number will be even lower this year.

Chance for your young ones to learn about financial literacy later this week.  A ‘Teach Children To Save” event will be held Wednesday from 4:30 till 6 at the Brentwood Library.  There will be crafts and interactive lessons on the value of starting the habit of saving money early.  It’s for kids up to age 7.

When it comes to warranties you have to wade through a lot of fine print to see if it’s the real deal.  Some of the best out there are from LL Bean, Aldi and Costco.  Tupperware has a lifetime warranty that covers everything, so your leftovers will always have a resting place in the fridge.

April 11

Obamacare may be a thorn in the side of some candidates for the upcoming congressional elections.  A USA Today/Pew Research poll says a candidate’s position on the Affordable Care Act will be an important factor for 80% of voters.  Half of those don’t like the law.

You may be getting some money back from Bank of America.  They are refunding 700 million dollars to customers over credit card practices that misled them to sign up for credit monitoring or be improperly charged for services.  The bank will pay another 45 million in fines.

At the Springhouse Theatre in Smyrna this is their final weekend for “The Miracle Worker”.  Shows continue through Sunday.  You will find ticket info when you click

510 billion dollars in coupons were issued last year in the United States.  We helped with that.  Nashville ranking 4th when it comes to using those coupons.  Orlando, Tampa and Washington DC we a bit more frugal then we were.

The government is fining General Motors 7 thousand dollars a day for not providing enough info on those faulty ignition switches.  Two engineers have been put on paid leave after word leaked the company knew about the problem more than a dozen years ago.

Now we know that spring is officially here.  The Sounds home opener is tonight at Greer Stadium.  That gives us the chance to remind you that the first Trevecca Nazarene Faith night with The Fish and the Sounds will be on Friday May 2nd with a concert  from  1 Girl Nation before the first pitch.

April 10

You’re probably thinking, is my vehicle safe to drive?  Toyota is the latest to announce a recall, and it’s a biggie.  Over 6 million vehicles worldwide, including some sold in the U.S. are being called back for steering problems and issues with seats.

More moms are staying home with the kids now.  The latest from the Pew Research Center finds 3 in 10 moms are at home.  Some by choice and some because they are unable to find a job.

The Predators are down to their last two home games of the season.  The hit the ice at Bridgestone tonight and again Saturday night.

If you have a young one interested in football, here is one for them this weekend.  The Varsity coaches at Franklin’s Battle Ground Academy will host a free football clinic for kids 1st through 8th grades.  Sunday from 3-5 at Guffee Brown Stadium.   For info, click

The FDIC keeping after the 8 biggest banks in the country to keep more money on hand in case there is another financial meltdown.  They want JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and four others to cut their debt level and increase the capitol level.

Want to make sure you are as healthy as you feel?   Shorter Chapel AME Church in Franklin will have a free health clinic on Saturday from 10-2.  Local docs will test your BP, vision, hearing, blood sugar and also offer nutrition counseling during the event.

New research shows that as people gain more possessions they don’t get any happier, instead they raise their reference point.  Researchers at Baylor University have given it a name, calling it “Treadmill of Consumption.



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