Matt Maher's "Glory" in Line for Possible Oscar Nomination

In the world of popular music, if your song makes it on Billboard Magazine's charts, you've done very well.  If that song makes it to top ten, or even #2, you have done amazingly well.  But what if your song does even better than that?!

That is the cause for celebration these days for singer/worship leader Matt Maher.  Matt Maher’s new original Christmas song this year, “GLORY (Let There Be Peace)" which hit #2 on Billboard’s AC Christian chart is that rare exception.  Because it was created for, and featured in the movie Believe, it is ELIGIBLE for an Oscar Nomination - according to Billboard Magazine

Of all the tens of thousands of songs that were released last year in every genre across the musical landscape, only 91 songs are eligible for an Oscar Nomination and Matt’s is one of them!  

The five achievements receiving the highest number of votes will become the nominations for final voting for the award and will be announced on January 24.  If you think of it, say a prayer for Matt and his original Christmas song, “GLORY (Let There Be Peace)".  It could be a glorious outcome if it's nominated for an Oscar.

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