Matthew West Performs Signature Song from 'Unplanned' Movie on Fox News

Matthew West has made a name for himself by writing songs based on other people’s life stories and struggles.  It was at that time that he received a letter from a Crisis Pregnancy Center encouraging him to write the story of the unborn.  When he was approached to create the title track for the pro-life movie, Unplanned, West told Fox News, “I thought about that [letter].  What about all these stories that have yet to be told but they deserve the chance to have their stories written? “

With that in mind, who would've thought that a politically-charged song could be so sweet and wonderful?  Here is Matthew West performing “Unplanned” on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends”…

After the dust settled opening weekend, Unplanned topped out at #5 at the Box Office.  Critics nationwide were taken aback at the film grossing an impressive $6,110,000.  That makes Unplanned the third largest film coming from Pure Flix, the movie’s production company.

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