The Afters - 'Well Done' (Official Video)

They're the words every believer longs to hear; letting us know - finally - the struggles we had in life were worth it.  "Well done..."

Stay focused on the Prize, as you watch "Well Done" by The Afters.

The Afters' lead singer Josh Havens penned the song, "Well Done" to bring closure to the hole he's had in his life after the death of his father to cancer.  The central theme of the song is summed up by Josh's own outlook: 
"Someday we're all going to leave this world.  We're going to leave behind the pains, the heartache, all the struggles of this world - it's all going to be washed away. We’re gonna find ourselves in a place where we belong more than we’ve ever belonged before. A place where we’re more at home than we’ve ever felt before. A place where we’re going to experience a love unlike we’ve ever known before. And we’re gonna go before Jesus and hear the words ‘well done my good and faithful servant."

"Well Done" is from the band's first greatest hits compilation, The Beginning and Everything After.  Reflecting on the album, the band told CCM Magazine, "We thought that after five label records, two indie records, over 1,000 shows, countless cups of coffee and 20 years of making music, it was time to celebrate our journey!  It has been really fun to look back at the road that has brought us here and all the people who have been a part of our journey. I was just out of high school when we started the band, so I have spent more of my life in this band, than not in it. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet to be able to travel the world and make music with my best friends!"

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