TobyMac - "Feel It" (Official Music Video)

TobyMac’s latest album, This Is Not A Test is an essential reminder that we only have one shot at life. He and the Diverse City band give it all they’ve got in this slammin’ music video for Toby’s song, “Feel It”!

TobyMac's comments on this song and the album that it's a part of:

"This Is Not A Test reminds us that there are no practice runs in life – this is it. It is a reminder to use the time we’ve been given wisely. Let’s use this time to love people well, and to be there for people when they need it. What hits me now more than ever is that you really don’t get a practice run at life,” explains Toby. “This is it. In my friendships, raising my children, loving my wife, loving people, performing with my band and stepping on stage at arenas, I want to make every moment count. I want them to walk away saying 'I feel good. I feel like I can love my spouse well. I can love my friends.' I want them to know love is worth everything you put in. If that happens, then I’ve done what I wanted to do. This Is Not A Test falls in line with trying to pursue God in this crazy world."

Coming this fall, TobyMac will take his ***THIS IS NOT A TEST***  album across the nation.  The tour will feature guest artists Britt Nicole and Colton Dixon, and introduce Hollyn. The tour is slated to kick off Thursday October 1st and will continue through Sunday December 13.

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